We're a crowdlending solution, not a lender.


Build a small business loan that your community can invest in.

It's free to build a
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You don't pay any fees if your loan campaign doesn't reach its funding goal.

You choose your interest rate

Between 7% and 12% annually is what attracts our community and nationwide investors.

Pay it back to the community

Repay your loan to the people that invested in you, not to the mega banks and institutions.

Raise between $5K to $100K in funding.

Miventure welcomes all business types to apply such as brick-and-mortar, tech startups, ecommerce, food and beverage, self-care, and more. We do prefer businesses that are generating revenue, no matter how little. Fundraising can last as long as 90 days so if quick funding is a concern, Miventure may not be a good fit for you.

How it works

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Set your terms
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Grow your business
Repay your investors

We help you every step of the way.

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Why choose Miventure?

For starters, we're not a bank. The people and your community are the lenders.

Your community is the most likely to invest in your success. By launching a Miventure campaign, anyone with the Miventure app can lend you as little as $25 until your funding goal is reached. Our existing Miventure community will immediately be notified to invest in your campaign once it launches. Plus, you can share your campaign on social media, email, and text so it can go viral to maximize your lending opportunity.

You determine the terms and the interest rate of the small business loan.

Miventure is not a lender. We're a crowdfunding platform that lets small businesses create fundraising campaigns where YOU choose the interest rate, the lifetime of the loan, and the total amount you are looking to raise. Our job is to help you organize and add the content you want seen on the fundraising campaign such as your business plan, financials, management team, and other details.

Get more than just funding. You gain a community of supporters and experts that can help.

At no additional cost, Miventure can connect your small business with the expertise it needs to further succeed. We understand that not all business owners are experts in marketing, operations, web design, etc. So we do our best to connect you with experts and other small business owners with relevant experiences. Even the best chefs in the world may need help running a restaurant.

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