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You set the terms oand the minimum investment amounts.

Raise up to $5MM in funding.

Miventure welcomes early stage, high-growth startups from all sectors to apply. We do prefer accelerator-backed startups that are past the prototype phase or have launched. Contact us to learn more!

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Why choose Miventure?

Empower your community by giving them the ability to succeed with you.

By launching a Miventure campaign, anyone in your community can invest as little as $25 in your startup until your funding goal is reached. The Miventure app also lets you share your campaign on social media, email, and text so you can easily tell more people about your opportunity.

Our Miventure Crowd SAFE is founder and investor friendly.

Our Crowd SAFE was designed to be future raise friendly. You can convert your SAFE-holders into one line item in your cap-table by creating a special purpose vehicle for your SAFE-holders.

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