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Miventure is a crowdfunding lending solution.

Get a loan from your customers, network, and the Miventure community.

By launching a crowdfunding campaign on Miventure, people all over the nation can easily invest in your business from their mobile phone. You can share your campaign on social media, email, and text. Plus, the growing Miventure community will immediately be notifed to invest in your crowdfunding campaign.

You determine the terms and the interest rate of the loan.

Miventure is not a lender. We're a crowdfunding platform that lets businesses raise capital using custom loans. YOU create a fundraising campaign detailing your business plan, financials, management team, and other details. Plus, YOU choose the interest rate, the lifetime of the loan, and the total amount you are looking to raise.

Get more than just capital with Miventure.

Miventure also connects your small business with the expertise you need to succeed. We understand that not all business owners are experts in marketing, operations, web design, etc. Even the best chefs in the world may need help running a restaurant.

Is your business a good fit?

Miventure welcomes all business types to apply. We do prefer businesses that are generating or plan on generating revenue within 6 months of applying. Be aware that fundraising can last as long as 90 days. If you are looking for quick access to capital, then Miventure may not be a good fit for you.

Manage it all with Miventure.

Set your terms
Build your campaign
Raise capital
Grow your business
Repay your investors

We help you every step of the way.

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