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The different ways to fund your startup.

Unless you are a high profile entrepreneur, finding early-stage funding is usually difficult. You can start by (1) "boot-strapping" or self-funding your startup, (2) asking your friends and family, (3) pitching to angels investors, or venture capital firms ("VCs") or (4) our personal favorite, crowdfunding.

What exactly is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows startups to raise small amounts of funds from dozens of people, sometimes thousands. Crowdfunding is typically coordinated from a single crowdfunding platform where most people can easily donate or invest funds in a startup. There is usually a time limit that a startup has to raise its funding goal otherwise the funds are refunded back to the crowdfunding individuals. Learn the different crowdfunding types here.

Miventure is an equity crowdfunding platform.

Miventure is designed for early-stage startups to easily and affordably get funding from friends and family, startup events, and angel investors in exchange for Crowd SAFEs. Crowd SAFEs provide rights to the investor for future equity in your company without determining a specific price per share at the time of investing. At the next finance round of your startup (not the crowdfunding campaign), your investors’ SAFEs will convert to shares based on the Valuation Cap or the Discount Rate given in the Crowd SAFE. Learn more about crowdfunding with Miventure by visiting our Educational Materials and FAQs.

Startup Tips.

Startups & Dragons.

Check out our awesome Youtube show with host Jason Crystal, CEO of Miventure. Watch him challenge founders  at a round of Startups & Dragons, a startup adventure game where founders get a chance to win money.
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Startup Tools.

Check out the many tools and services below that can help take your startup to the next level.

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