Frequently Asked Questions.

About Miventure and Crowdfunding

What is the Miventure App?

The Miventure App (“Miventure”) is a mobile app for crowdfunding where you can find opportunities to invest in all types of businesses and can receive monthly income from your investments.

How do I get monthly income from my investments?

The investments you make on Miventure are structured as loans that the business must pay back to you plus interest. Be aware that investing in private businesses may be risky and you may lose your entire investment. Receiving a full return on investment on a monthly basis is not guaranteed. Please see the Educational Materials for additional discussions on risks.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of raising business capital using the internet that allows anyone 18 years or older to invest in a company offering.

What is an Offering?

An offering means a fundraising campaign. Each campaign on the Miventure app is an offering of its own. Each offering on Miventure may last up to 90 days to meet its target offering amount.

What is an Issuer?

An issuer on Miventure is the business that is running the fundraising campaign or offering. 

What is a Target Offering Amount or the Minimum Funding Goal?

These terms mean the same thing, the amount of money the business must raise to have a successful fundraising campaign.

Is Miventure a crowdfunding platform?

Yes. All of the opportunities on Miventure are offered under “Regulation Crowdfunding” or “Regulation CF” which allows anyone 18 years or older to invest but with investment limits on how much you may invest under Regulation CF. Our Regulation CF offerings are conducted by Miventure Inc., a “funding portal” that is registered with the SEC and is a member of FINRA. 

Does the government review these investments?

No. No Federal or State agency reviews these investments. 

For Investors - The Investment Process

What kind of investment opportunities will I find?

Businesses on Miventure are looking for a loan from investors where the business can pay back the initial investment plus interest on a monthly basis.  Be aware that investing in private businesses may be risky and you may lose your entire investment. Receiving a full return on investment on a monthly basis is not guaranteed. Please see the Educational Materials for additional discussions on risks.

What kind of businesses can I invest in?

Miventure will host offerings from all types of businesses ranging from brick and mortars to tech startups, preferably generating revenue or within 6 months of generating revenue.  Miventure may host offerings from businesses in any industry.

Where can I learn more about each business?

Within the Miventure app, each investment opportunity will have a campaign profile screen that contains details about the business, its financials, management team, business plan, and terms of the offering. You may also access the offering documents and any relevant financial information within the campaign screen.

How should I choose which businesses to invest in?

Miventure is not an investment advisor and is not allowed to provide investment advice or investment recommendations. If you’re not sure which offering might be right for you, we highly suggest you consult with your own independent financial and investment advisors.

What type of securities will investors find on Miventure?

Miventure will display investment opportunities that offer term notes or a loan that the Issuer intends to pay back over time plus interest. The investments on Miventure are high risk. Only invest if you can afford to lose your entire investment.

Are these donations?

They are not. Unlike other platforms where returns are rewards based, on our platform you are actually investing in securities. A business can choose to offer several different types of securities on Miventure. 

Who can invest?

Miventure was designed so anyone can invest as long as  you’re 18 or older and have a U.S. bank account.

Where does the information in the campaigns come from?

The information provided in the campaigns is supplied by the issuer. Miventure is a funding portal that lists campaigns on the platform. We do perform limited supervisory duties as legally required, but do not endorse or validate the information in the campaigns.

Is there an investment minimum?

Yes, you can invest as little as  $25or more on all investment opportunities found on Miventure.

Are there fees to invest?

No, it’s free for investors to join and there are no fees when you make an investment.

How do I invest?

To invest in a business on Miventure, you will need to first provide some personal information, connect your bank account, and agree to disclosures. 

How much can I invest?

Miventure is required by law to limit how much you can invest in a Regulation CF offering. Prior to investing in a business, we will ask for you to confirm your yearly income, net worth, and any outside Reg CF investments you have made in the last 12 months. This information will tell us how much you can invest. You can see your investment limit on the portfolio screen within Miventure. For more information, see our Educational Materials.

How do I pay for my investment?

Directly from your bank account that you connect to the Miventure App when you first sign up. Any monthly income from your investments will go back to your connected bank account too.

Where does my money go when I invest?

Your invested funds will be sent to an escrow account that is managed by an escrow agent. Your money will remain in the escrow account until the campaign succeeds or fails. If the campaign succeeds, then the total invested funds from all investors including your invested funds will be sent to the Issuer or business. If the campaign fails, then your invested funds will be refunded back to you into your connected bank account. 

What does it mean if my investment was canceled or refunded?

Transactions may sometimes be canceled either by your bank or payment processor in transit. Funds are returned to the source they originated from, generally your bank account. Please note, in the event funds are returned to you and your investment was not successfully submitted, you can try to invest again or contact for more information.

How do I know my investment was successfully accepted by the company?

You can track the status of your investments in the portfolio page and use the tool tips to learn about the definition of each status. You’ll also receive emails and notifications and emails throughout the process to keep you informed. Please note, your investment in the campaign is not final until the campaign has ended after exceeding its minimum goal and you’ve received a copy of your signed investor agreement afterward.

Is the information I give you secure?

Yes. We have implemented bank-level security measures to help protect your information, including but not limited to, using Secure Sockets Layer encryption, the standard for secure Internet network connections, to protect information exchanged over the Internet between the App and our servers. However, no data transmission over the Internet or method of storage is 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your information, we cannot and do not guarantee or warrant the security of information collected or otherwise obtained by us in connection with our App or Website.

Are these safe investments?

No. All the investment opportunities found on Miventure are high risk. Only invest if you can afford to lose your entire investment. Please refer to the Educational Materials for information on general risks or refer to the offering documents for more information on risks related to the business.

What are some of the risks of investing?

Each investment opportunity will provide industry-specific risks in their campaign and offering documents. You can find the general risks associated with investing in our Educational Materials.

How will I report my income for tax purposes?

With debt-based investments like on Miventure, you will most likely report your income as interest. You should consult the terms of the securities in question with your tax advisors for more information.

How much can I make by investing in a business?

If the business does not go into default and pays off the loan plus interest in full, you have the potential to make your full target return as mentioned in the terms. Different investment opportunities have different target returns so it will depend on the investment opportunity you select. 

Can I cancel my investment?

Yes. You can cancel at any time until 48 hours before the offering deadline found in the offering terms. You can cancel by sending a request to cancel your investment via secure messaging on the Miventure App or via email.

Can I invest using my IRA?

Yes. SImply connect the IRA account when you are being onboarded as an investor on the Miventure App.

Will I be able to resell my investments?

Not likely. There isn’t an active market for crowdfunding securities, plus the business you invested in might restrict your ability to transfer your investment in their terms. 

Can I track the status and performance of my investments?

Yes, as long as Miventure maintains a relationship with the respective issuer. On your portfolio screen you will see each of your investments, its status and the amount the business has paid back so far.

What happens if a business defaults?

You will receive a notification if any of your investments go into default. Miventure makes a good faith effort on your behalf to inform the issuer that their payment is delinquent and to make a payment. When you sign up as an investor on the Miventure App, you also authorize a debt collector to represent you in the event of a default. Any fees associated with the collections effort may be deducted from your potential returns. 

Will I always get the return displayed on the campaign?

No. The business may go into default before your full return is due or the business may choose to pay their debt early which would reduce the target return per the terms within the investor agreement for early repayment.

For Businesses - Raising Capital

How do I raise capital on Miventure?

Go to and submit an application to raise capital.

Is there an application fee?

No, there are no fees to submit an application and to build out your campaign. Miventure will only take a fee if you successfully raise the funds on Miventure.

What’s the maximum amount I can raise on Miventure?

The most you can raise using Regulation CF is $1,070,000. There is no rule to how low a minimum raise can be and you can set the minimum target at your discretion.

Does Miventure restrict how a business uses the funds?

Not at all. Miventure is simply here to raise your funds. What you do with your funds is your business. However, as a business raising funds, you will have to share how you intend to use those funds with your potential investors. 

Am I limited to only debt offerings?

Yes. To raise funds on Miventure, you must offer a term loan to your potential investors. However, as the issuer of the securities, you have control over the terms for your specific offering such as the interest rate and maturity date, among other term details.

Will I need to provide collateral or a personal guarantee for the offering?

No. You don’t need to offer collateral or a personal guarantee, however, by guaranteeing or collateralizing your offering you may have the opportunity to give lower interest rates to your investors. At the end of the day, the choice is yours of how you would like to set up the terms to your offering.

What is Miventure’s criteria for accepting my listing?

Miventure will look at the business’s management team for experience, the business plan, previous financials, among other characteristics.

Am I guaranteed to be funded if Miventure accepts my listing?

No. It means you will have your offering listed on Miventure. You must still raise enough funds on Miventure to meet your minimum target requirement for the campaign to be a success. If the campaign does not succeed, then any funds committed by investors will be refunded back to the investors.

What kind of information will I need to provide on the campaign?

You will need to provide transparency into your business such as your business plan, management team, and financials, just to name a few. The goal is to provide the investors as much information about your business as possible so they can make an informed decision for investing. 

How long does the process take for a business to launch a campaign?

It can take 3 to 4 weeks. First, we will need to see if your business meets the criteria to be listed on Miventure. Then we work with you to set the terms of your offering and fill out and file the proper regulatory disclosures. Lastly, we build your campaign with the information you provided and we LAUNCH THE CAMPAIGN!

Once the campaign is live, how long before I get funded?

If the minimum target is met before 90 days of going live, then you can opt to successfully close the campaign and collect the funds. Otherwise, the campaign will run until the maximum target is met or the 90 days is up from going live. It can take up to 60 days after your campaign is a success to receive the funds. 

How does Miventure make money?

Miventure will receive 7% of the funds raised to cover operational expenses. If the business’s campaign does not succeed, then the business will not pay a fee. 

Do I have any obligations after a campaign ends?

Once the campaign ends, you will be responsible for paying the investors back. You can pay your investor back via the Miventure app by simply connecting a bank account. There are also other notice and disclosures requirements under Regulation CF.

How do I pay back the investors?

You can pay them back using the Miventure app or you can opt to use your own repayment service.

Can I repay early?

Yes, but there is an expedition fee for 50% of the interest on the loan + the principal amount. 

How do repayments work?

Miventure Solutions LLC facilitates repayments back to investors. You simply connect your business bank account to the Miventure App and the repayments are handled monthly for you according to your repayment schedule.

Am I responsible for updating my investors after the campaign is over?

All updates to the investor community that backed you are at your discretion after the campaign has ended. However, we do encourage issuers to give updates on major events, especially in the case of a default. 

What happens if I default on the loan?

In the event of a default, we will contact you to catch up your payments. Please note, there are penalties for late payments that will accrue. After 3 months of missed payments, your case will be turned over to a collections partner that the investors have authorized to act on their behalf in order to recoup repayment. 

Do loans require a personal guarantee?

No, we do not require a personal guarantee.