Building a startup is hard, investing in one shouldn't be.

So we built a better way for founders and investors to connect.

We believe everyone should be able to invest in startups.

Everyone should have the ability to become a startup investor no matter their income bracket. We designed the Miventure app to be affordable and user-friendly so you can easily research startups, invest in companies you believe in, and easily track your investments 24/7.

We believe the process should be easy.

Asynchronous communication between founders and investors is the first step toward making the fundraising process less painful for everyone! Miventure makes it easy for founders to pitch their friends, family, and community about their investment opportunity, right on their phone. Once you sign up and add a payment method, investing and track your investments is a breeze.

We believe when founder and investor incentives align, magic happens!

Research shows that when people are financially invested in a startup, they're more likely to buy their products and services and tell their friends about them. That's why we believe that the benefits of raising capital from your network goes far beyond just getting capital. When you invest in a founder you believe in on Miventure, you become a part of the crowdfunding movement that's redefining how the next generation of startups is raising money to grow.

Meet the Team.

Jason Crystal

Cofounder & CEO

Jason Crystal is a an operations executive with a passion for scaling early to mid stage tech companies for the last 7 years. When he's not knee deep in post-its making flow charts you can find him playing with dinosaurs or watching Star Wars along with his family.

Luiggi Pera

Cofounder & Chief Risk Officer

Luiggi Pera is a JD/MBA with over 6 years experience in banking compliance for JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. He also has launched a foodie app named top 5 foodie apps in New York City called Popcity. In his spare time, he is teaching his sons how to build the best blanket forts ever.

John McCrea

VP of Customer Success

John McCrea has over 25 years of experience in app development, systems and network administration, direct marketing, online security and banking tech. When John isn't leading cloud and data engineering teams, he's curating and tasting teas from all around the world.