We believe innovation
needs rocket fuel.

Lets go to the moon together.

Everyone should have easy access to invest in startups.

Miventure was created on the foundation that everyone should have the ability to become a business investor no matter their income bracket. We designed the Miventure app to be affordable and user-friendly so you can easily research startups, invest in companies you believe in, and easily track your investments, all with no fees. We strive to make startup investing more simple and accessible to everyone.

Capable founders deserve easy access to capital to grow their startups.

Miventure makes it easy and affordable for founders to approach their friends, family, and community to easily invest in their startup. We believe all founders should have a scalable way to pitch their story, business plan, and product, to an investor community that is open minded about investing in companies that are early in their journey, but have high growth potential.

By supporting early-stage startups, we all can win.

Research shows that when startups thrive, so do the communities that surround them. Startups raise funds from the people and the people reap the rewards if the startups succeed. It's a win/win! Our vision is to supercharge American innovation by building a platform where people can easily invest in startups to hire, develop, and grow. This is how we help make the American economy stronger!

Meet the Team.

Jason Crystal

Cofounder & CEO

Jason Crystal is a an operations executive with a passion for scaling early to mid stage tech companies for the last 7 years. When he's not knee deep in post-its making flow charts you can find him playing with dinosaurs or watching Star Wars along with his family.

Luiggi Pera

Cofounder & Chief Risk Officer

Luiggi Pera is a JD/MBA with over 6 years experience in banking compliance for JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. He also has launched a foodie app named top 5 foodie apps in New York City called Popcity. In his spare time, he is teaching his sons how to build the best blanket forts ever.

John McCrea

VP of Customer Success

John McCrea has over 25 years of experience in app development, systems and network administration, direct marketing, online security and banking tech. When John isn't leading cloud and data engineering teams, he's curating and tasting teas from all around the world.