Easily invest in a small business.

Earn potential monthly returns by investing as little as $25.*

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Earn passive income
each month

Potentially earn up to 12% yearly. Investing in private businesses is risky so only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

Make an impact in
the community

You are lending to the businesses helping them succeed and you are reaping the rewards. Not the mega banks and institutions.

Trustworthy &

Miventure Inc. is registered with the SEC as a funding portal and is a member of FINRA.

How It Works.


Find an exciting small business

Businesses on Miventure are raising money to get started, to grow, or for pandemic relief.

Invest before time runs out

Each business has 90 days to raise their funding goal. If the goal isn't met, every investor gets a full refund.

Get paid monthly plus interest*

Your investment is a loan that the successful businesses intend to repay monthly plus interest. There are no guarantees on monthly returns.

Investment Opportunities.

Download the Miventure app to view the details of each investment opportunity and to invest.


Education Tech

36% Return

in 4 years

TheClub App

Virtual DJs & Parties

40% Return

in 4 years

Boca Code

Coding School

32% Return

in 4 years

Make an impact with as little as $25.

Invest in exciting small businesses that are making a difference in their communities. Anyone that is 18 years or older with a U.S. bank account can invest on Miventure.

Grow your wealth with passive income.

You will be paid your principal plus interest every month by the small business. Be aware that investing in private businesses can be risky and reselling your investments are unlikely. Only invest an amount you can afford to lose. Learn more of the risks in our Educational Materials.

Sit back & relax with
no investor fees.

Simply download the app, sign up, and invest in a business. That's it. Zero investor fees included.

Investor Approved.

Daniel Lopez
"I was looking for a way to diversify beyond just Robinhood. Small business investments with monthly predictable returns just made sense."
Tamara Jackson
"I thought crowdfunding was donation only. The fact that I can help fund small businesses by simply investing is just amazing."
Ben Segal
"Investing with Miventure was a no brainer for me. Being able to give to local businesses while making a return was a win/win."

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