Easily invest in exciting startups.

Become an early investor with as little as $25.

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Mostly accelerator backed startups

Many startups are current or past participants of accelerators.

Easy to use on your
mobile phone

Download the app, sign up, and start building your portfolio

Built for investors with long-term goals

Good ideas take time to grow. Investments are long-term.

How It Works.


Watch founder pitch videos

Each campaign has a 60-second startup pitch plus a summary on business highlights, financials, and more.

Easily invest $25 or more

Each business has 120 days to raise their crowdfunding goal. You get a refund if the crowdfunding goal isn't met.

Track your investments

The Miventure app emails and stores all your documents in your portfolio.

Get in on the ground-floor.

Most startups on Miventure are still in the early stages of their journey. When you invest, your're purchasing an equity security called a Crowd SAFE . A Crowd SAFE provides you rights for future equity in the startup, without determining a specific price per share at the time of investing. The amount you invest will generally convert to preferred shares in the next financing round at either the valuation cap or the discounted price.

Build a diverse portfolio.

At only $25 to become a ground-floor equity investor in a startup you can build a diversified portfolio at a lower cost then most traditional alternatives. Studies have shown that investors who invest smaller amounts in more startups, tend to average better returns over a long period of time. That being said, startup investing is always risky and generally illiquid, so only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

Investor Approved.

Daniel Lopez
"I was looking for a way to diversify beyond just Robinhood and crypto. A portfolio of a bunch of unicorn-potential startups just made sense."
Tamara Jackson
"I thought crowdfunding was donation only. The fact that I can help fund startups by simply investing is just amazing."
Ben Segal
"Investing with Miventure was a no brainer for me. Being able to help startups innovate with potential unicorn returns was a win/win."

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