Imagine being the first investor in Uber.

Become a ground-level investor in exciting startups with as little as $25.

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Vetted by accelerators & incubators

Many startups on Miventure have been vetted & accepted into an accelerator/incubator.

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mobile device

Download app, create an account, and start building a large portfolio to increase your unicorn odds.*

Anyone that's 18 years or older can invest

Anyone that is 18 years or older in the U.S. can invest in startups with Miventure.

How It Works.


Watch a startup's pitch video

Each campaign has a 60-second startup pitch plus a summary on business highlights, financials, and more.

Easily invest $25 or more

Each business has 120 days to raise their crowdfunding goal. No worries, you get a refund if the crowdfunding goal isn't met.

We save your investment documents

The Miventure app tracks all your investments and ensures your investment documents are easily accessible.

Exciting Startups.

Download the Miventure app to learn more about each startup and to invest.


Education Tech


Funding Goal


Vitamin Drink


Funding Goal


Family-Friendly TV


Funding Goal


Landlord Tech


Funding Goal


Nano-Based Disinfectant


Funding Goal


Real Estate 3D Tech


Funding Goal

Panda Wish

Beauty & Wellness App


Funding Goal


NFT Marketplace


Invest in accelerator and incubator vetted startups.

The majority of startups on Miventure have been accepted by a recognized startup accelerator or incubator. The benefits of being part of an accelerator or incubator is that these startups are usually provided the marketing, legal, and strategic resources that are needed to potentially grow and scale.

Become a ground-floor equity owner.

When you invest in a startup, your are purchasing an equity-based security called a Crowd SAFE . A Crowd SAFE provides you rights for future equity in the startup without determining a specific price per share at the time of investing. Instead, the amount you invested will convert to preferred shares at the next financing round (not this crowdfunding campaign) at either the valuation cap or the discounted price for the risk you took early on!

Build a portfolio of startups you can "Set & Forget".

It's only $25 to become a ground-floor equity investor in a startup. With $500 you can invest in 20 accelerator-backed startups and check back in later to see which hit big and which didn't. Miventure was designed so everyone has the opportunity to build a large portfolio of early-stage startups to increase their chances of hitting that one potential unicorn*.

Investor Approved.

Daniel Lopez
"I was looking for a way to diversify beyond just Robinhood and crypto. A portfolio of a bunch of unicorn-potential startups just made sense."
Tamara Jackson
"I thought crowdfunding was donation only. The fact that I can help fund startups by simply investing is just amazing."
Ben Segal
"Investing with Miventure was a no brainer for me. Being able to help startups innovate with potential unicorn returns was a win/win."

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